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Find Your Wave

Mykonos, Greece
Elia Beach in Mykonos, Greece

I spent two weeks at the beach this summer and now that the season is coming to an end, I've put away my heart shades, but I still have hearts in my eyes as I look at my photos and relive the memories from Mykonos.

LIFE IS A Beach. FIND YOUR WAVE: A cute tank top gifted to me by my sister, Rachelle. She also gifted the same top to our sister Isabelle and all three of us have worn it in different countries throughout our travels this summer. A sisterhood of the traveling tank top, except we each have our own :)

To me, this message, "find your wave" means find your higher purpose in life. There are billions of waves in the ocean. We are all placed on this planet for a reason. We each have unique talents to share with the world.

In the wise words of my favorite spiritual leader, Deepak Chopra, "The world needs your joy, your voice, your strength, your talents, and everything that make you well... you. Your light is your own special spark, something completely unique to you. When you let your light shine you're allowing your greater self to take center stage. Your greater self is the whole you, confident, joyful and worthy of all life has to offer. " For more, download my favorite meditation app for kids, Ananda Kids - My Light Shines Bright by Deepak Chopra available in the App Store.

Questions to ask yourself to Find Your Wave, "your own special spark," and start living your higher purpose:

1. What makes me unique? What can I do better than anyone else?

(Make a list of your top strengths. Don't just daydream about it. Actually write it down.)

2. How am I currently using my top strengths?

3. Do my strengths align with my career journey?

4. Do I have strengths that are underutilized?

5. How can I use my talents to serve others?


Inner Intelligence Tip: Once you find your wave, you have to ride the wave. Seek your higher self and use your unique talents to serve others, not just yourself. This is the Law of Dharma.


What are some ways you are using your unique talents? Comment below!

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