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4 Lessons from a Little Dandelion

La Crescenta, CA

Have you ever noticed a bright yellow flower peeping out of the sidewalk? From a happy yellow flower to a white puffball, dandelions carry beautiful messages. There's so much symbolism in nature, if only you pause and take a moment to appreciate the little things.

What can we learn from this white fluff I picked from my in-laws' front lawn?

1. Listen to your inner voice.

Picking up a dandelion gives you a brief moment to be calm and still. Use this time wisely to just be. Connect with nature. Clear the clutter in your mind. Listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice is your intuition. It will guide you. It will never feel wrong. When faced with a difficult decision, if you are in the habit of listening to your inner voice, you will know which path to take.

2. Set an intention.

Making a wish is more than just a superstition. When you make a wish, you are setting an intention. Your inner intelligence will help you set the right intentions. Practice with something small. For example, "I want to see a bright orange butterfly." Say your intention out loud. Plant the seed in your mind.


Inner Intelligence Tip: Take a nature walk and look for symbolism.


3. Let it go.

You will naturally want to blow away the seeds of the dandelion. You made your wish and now you are ready to let it go. When you are not emotionally attached to the outcome, you allow the Universe to do its job. When the butterfly flies into your life, you will be pleasantly surprised, as it will be even more beautiful than you had imagined.

4. Be resilient.

Reflect on the fact that dandelions can grow and thrive in difficult conditions. This flower reminds us that we can overcome all of life's challenges when we tap into our inner intelligence. Throughout your entire life, you have the opportunity to grow and transform, just like a little dandelion.

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Eric Paulucci
Eric Paulucci

Your message is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your voice with us, and allowing us to truly embrace the magic that is waiting for us when we turn within.🙏


Becca LaPole
Becca LaPole

What a great post! Thank you for sharing. It really resonated with me. I love seeing beautiful flowers growing in the concrete jungle.

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