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Sailing into the Santorini Sunset

Santorini, Greece Sunset
Santorini, Greece

The music on the boat, the wind, the waves... that sunset. Isn't it incredible how a song can take you back to a specific moment in time? Music is so good for the soul. Throughout my travels to Greece this summer, I was constantly updating my playlist from songs I heard at restaurants, beaches, and on boats so that I could relive the pleasant memories when I returned back home.

It's important to strike a balance between living in the present moment and going back to the past or anticipating the future. How many times have you told someone "I can't wait!" I can't wait for this and I can't wait for that. You could be at a fun celebration with a friend, daydreaming about another future fun event together. Always waiting for another moment in time. Instead let's celebrate this very moment. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to appreciate each day.

Although this picture of me is from the past, just like any photograph, it does remind me of a time where I was truly present. For one, I was focused on not falling off the boat so I could capture this photo, as it was getting a bit rocky! But, it was also our last day in Santorini and my opportunity to show gratitude. I felt one with the sun.


Inner Intelligence Tip: Show gratitude to people and places. Live in the present. Don't live for the future.


There's nothing wrong with looking forward to future events, vacations, and celebrations or planning and saving for the future - we should do that. However, fear and worry also live in the future. What if this happens and what if that happens? When you are focused on the present moment, there is no fear. There are no "what-ifs" in the present.

Besides worry and fear that come with the uncertainty of the future, it's also more difficult to live with gratitude when you're too focused on the future. It's the American dream to save to buy a big house. But if you don't appreciate what you have today, the big house will never be enough. Fill your current space with things you love and make it a home. Make holes in the wall and put up that painting. Don't wait for the perfect place. Make your place perfect.

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